Ventura County Adult Education Consortium

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VCAEC, we believe in your potential and are dedicated to help you achieve your dreams. Our programs are designed to be fast, flexible, and affordable. This ensures you have access to the education and training you need without financial barriers.
Take the first step towards lifelong learning.

“Upon completing VACE, I felt confident and prepared in my role as a medical assistant, which helped me adapt and assist in various healthcare specialties to provide patient-centered, culturally competent care. My success in healthcare is a reflection of the well-rounded curriculum that VACE provided, in addition to a supportive learning community and a plethora of resources essential for growth.”
Back office Medical Assistant

*Note: Some programs (CTE) require a HSD or HSE prior to enrollment. Please check with the school before enrollment.


English as a Second Language (ESL) classes can help you learn or improve your English. Classes of all levels are offered and cover reading and writing skills, grammar, context and fluency. Our agencies offer ESL classes for FREE!

ESL classes can help you with:

ESL Offered Here:

Conejo Valley Adult School

US Citizenship

Our agencies can help you prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam! You’ll study what you need to know and practice for the oral interview.

US Citizenship Offered Here:

Conejo Valley Adult School


Most agencies offer Adult Basic Education classes, which focus on strengthening reading, writing, and math skills. These classes are FREE and help prepare students to enroll in a GED, High School Diploma, or a job training program.

ABE Offered Here:

Conejo Valley Adult School


The Career Technical Education (CTE) programs our agencies offer will help you train for a new career or develop skills to grow in your current one. Classes will give you hands-on learning and make sure you’re prepared to take the certification or license you need to get employed.

CTE Offered Here:

Conejo Valley Adult School


Ready to open the door to a better career, higher pay, training programs, or college enrollment? We can help you earn your diploma or GED!

HSD Offered Here:

Conejo Valley Adult School
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