Ventura County Adult Education Consortium

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Your road to Lifelong Learning

Ventura County Adult Education Consortium: Empowering your educational journey with boundless opportunities.

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What we do

The Ventura County Adult Education Consortium (VCAEC) is a collaborative of regional educational providers with the goal of expanding and improving opportunities for adult learners. Our consortium members offer a wide variety of classes to pave your road to higher education. Where do you want to start?

our vision

The vision of the VCAEC is to create a collaborative, seamless, integrated student pathway system that is supportive, equitable, and responsive to community needs.

why adult education?

Adult education is all about helping adults continue their education, improve upon their skills, or seek out knowledge to gain value in their lives. You can earn your high school diploma, get ready for college, or train for a new career.  VCAEC members offers English as a Second Language (ESL), citizenship preparation, basic reading and math skills, and career-focused training. Let us help you today!

English as a Second Language

Enhance your reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. We offer flexible day and evening classes.

Join our inclusive community today! 

Why English Is Important

US Citizenship

Break down barriers for non-citizen immigrants by overcoming occupational restrictions. Consider well-paying and stable federal positions within the U.S. government, offering promising opportunities beyond traditional job markets.

Road Towards A Brighter Future

Adult Basic Education

Increase your mastery in reading, writing, and math to prepare for pursuing a high school diploma or recognized equivalent. Enhance your ability to live and work independently.

Attain Your Goals

High School Diploma

Discover better career prospects, increase your income, or get ready for college by obtaining your high school equivalency.
Our classes are flexible!

Attain Your Goals

Career Training Education

Discover bigger employment prospects, increase your income, or get ready for higher education with our career-focused classes. 
Start your new road to lifelong learning today!

Gain More Education and Skills

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Ventura Adult
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Ventura College

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Adult School

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Ventura County
Community College

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Office of Education

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Simi Institute for
Careers & Education

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